UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!

UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Friday, 20 July 2012

Finding Your Way Around Town

Town - Liverpool

Liverpool is small, quaint and friendly and there are never any worries about getting lost while wandering the town in search of the numerous museums and a taste of what life was like in the early days of Liverpool and surrounding region.

  • The Hank Snow Museum is housed in the old rail station and is open year around filling the air with Hank Snow's songs and shelves lined with his life and history.
  • Sherman Hines Museum of Photography takes the visitor on a walk through the eyes of those before us.
  • Fort Point Lighthouse, circa 1855,  is surrounded by a park which is a great place for a picnic before stepping inside the lighthouse to blast the foghorn.
  • Perkins Museum is inside the original residence of our infamous Simeon Perkins, circa 1766.
  • Queens County Museum provides a look at
              - privateering exhibits
              - the Mi'Kmaq Exhibit   
              - the historical documents of the Bank of Liverpool (1871-1879)
              - and much, much more.
  • And lastly but not least isteresting is the beautiful Rossignol Cultureal Centre where you can take a few steps back in time before sitting in an elegantly adorned coffee shop for a relaxing coffee or tea.

Then escape the heat of the day with a few hours at the beach. Follow the White Point Rd westerly to Hunts Point Beach, Summerville Beach, Port Joli and/or Port Muton's seaside; all are but minutes from Liverpool's main street. If you have room in your trunk for a set of golf clubs be sure to take in a game "Pebbles Beach Style' at White Point Golf. Or set off on a drive east of Liverpool for  a day on the sand at Beach Meadows Beach.

Inland adventures are a short drive on highway #8 to the Lake Rossignol Wilderness area:
Collect a free GPS unit from the Region of Queens office and spend the day on a geocaching adventure; don't forget to check out the cache in the location across the old rail bridge.
If by chance you should lose your way  just ask our friendly residents the way and they will eagerly point you in the right direction.


Live Liverpool and escape from the usual.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Home Based Business

In today's age of technology Liverpool is the perfect place to set up one's home based business. Below is a list of the top 10 successful home based businesses.

1. Affiliate Marketing / Ebay Seller
One of the lowest cost home based businesses to start is an affiliate marketing business, especially if you want your home based business to be Internet-based. It could be as simple as setting up a blog and reviewing products in certain niche markets, or alternatively you could learn how to sell items on Ebay for friends around the neighborhood and take a commission for doing so. The possibilities are endless.

2. Freelance Writer (Ghost Writing) / Article Writing
Many make a decent living out of freelance writing; with either ghost written pieces, topic related articles, short stories, or even technical specification documents.

3. Dog Walking / Pet Minding or Sitting

This industry is one of the fastest growing industries to date, with new products and services coming out every few months. Since more and more people are becoming time-poor, they are now looking for people to walk their dogs, or mind their pets while they are away on business trips or simply at work.

4. Business Mentor / Business Coaching
Being a business coach or mentor is probably one of the most profitable home based businesses a person could start. It’s best to start with local businesses then, expand from there. Many small-medium (SME) type businesses may not be able to afford a full-time expert or specialist, so they look for an alternative.

5. Personal Trainer

If you are fitness-minded, you could start your own personal training business, you could start with training people in their own homes, or even produce some short videos that you could sell online, since the cost of doing something like that is quite affordable now (Take a look at some of the fitness channels on YouTube).

6. Blogging
There are countless people on the internet who have started a home based business by blogging and are making as much as six-figures per year from it. There are a number of ways you could make money blogging, such as; displaying ads like Google Adsense throughout your site, offering unbiased reviews of affiliate products / services that you are promoting, providing helpful articles about a particular topic and then lead them to buying a product or service (eg. a coaching program for the topic you’re writing about),  tips or tricks about a certain product or service that help the reader get more out of it, or simply sell advertising space.

7. Photography
Are you a keen photographer and have your own camera? Then, you could look at photographing either people in their own home, scenery, or objects (eg. for stock photos), or if you have the room at home you could set up there, and get started for a few hundred dollars. You can also look at selling those photos online to stock image library sites like iStockPhoto, Fotolia and the like (make sure you get a signed release from the person/ people you’re photographing).

8. Technical Support
If you’re a wizz at helping people solve technical issues, then this may be the avenue for you. By starting a home based business offering technical support to your local area, you could then expand out from there, or you could even produce your own screen-capture videos that show people step-by-step how to solve their common technical problems that they could purchase right from your website.

9. Bookkeeping

By offering your services to local business owners one could build a nice client base without the overhead of an office, work according to your schedule and as much or as little as you require. 

10. Tutoring
You could start you own home based business tutoring students in their own home. Talk to the local schools within your district to determine if your services can meet their needs. If your talent is in acting and you could give acting lessons, or music lessons. There are many options.

LIVE LIVERPOOL ... and escape from the usual.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Queens County Closeup

/If you're wondering what's happening in Queens County there is no better place to look than at the new website, updated daily, for a closeup peek at events and what's what.
There are hot links to:
  • events
  • people
  • sports
  • recipes
  • personal letters to the community

And a close look at what's up right now. From potholes to birthdays and arts to entertainment. Itr is a great place to advertise your event or business with just a click, to share your service or occasion.

Live Liverpool .... right now.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic halibut are distinguished by their flat shape and strange appearance due to the position of both their eyes located on the right side. Very little is known about the exact Atlantic halibut spawning sites on the Canadian east coast. Atlantic halibut migrations are of two types: vertical and horizontal. At sunset, halibut swim up the water column in pursuit of their prey that also migrate vertically towards the surface, and then return to the bottom at dawn. Although halibut can migrate long distances, they prefer to remain in the area where they were born. 
In 2008 approximately 500 metric tones of Atlantic halibut were landed with a value of more than $3.5 million; harvested in the Gulf by Quebec and the four Atlantic provinces. Various management measures are currently in effect for commercial halibut fishing on Canada's east coast, including the 1997 requirement that any halibut less than 81 cm long must be returned to the water.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada:

Halibut dinner - You tube: http://youtu.be/OX25WuQ4jwQ