UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!

UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Friday, 28 September 2012

New Middle School - construction begins


It's begun!

Construction of the
new middle school in  Liverpool, Nova Scotia

The new Middle School is expected to open in September 2013. This 15 million dollar project is being built on the very site of the existing school, right in the heart of the community.
There will be a small shift in the students with the opening of the new school as the Grade 9 students will be moved to the High School and the Grade 6 students will move from the Elementary School to the Junior High School.
Therefore the new school will take on the the "middle school" concept (grades 6-8) which is a relatively new model for the mid-level grades. Junior high schools were initially created for the purpose of "bridging the gap between the elementary and the high school".

Liverpool .... educating our young
to build a better community for tomorrow

LIVE LIVERPOOL ... it's a unique experience

Friday, 21 September 2012

Region of Queens - Municipal Election

As of September 11th the nominations for candidates in the upcoming regional election are in.

The Region of Queens County  
covers an area of 49 communities,
2,690 square kilometers and
a population of about 11,694.   

  • Chris Clarke 
  • David Dagley 
  • Owen Hamlin 
  • Mervin Hartlen 
  • Darlene Norman 
  • Brittany Wentzell-Verge 
  • Bruce Inglis 
  • Heather Kelly 
  • Gene “Gino” Wong 
  • Brian G Fralic 
  • Roger Jollimore 
  • Stacy Smart-Chandler 
  • Joel Zwicker 
  • Bev Davison 
  • Gary Levy 
  • Susan MacLeod 
  • John Townsend 
  • Jack Fancy 
  • William “Billy” Joudrey 
  • Linda Rafuse   
  • Wayne M. Wentzell 
  • John F. Croft 
  • Dwight Crouse 
  • Raymond Fiske 
  • Doug White 
  • Peter Waterman                  (Elected by Acclamation) 
(Voting for School Board Candidates will take place at all of the
poll locations) 
Member, District 1, South Shore Regional School Board: 
  • Allan Foster 
  • Clifford “Butch” MacLeod 
  • Karen Ohrt 
  • Elliott Payzant 
  • Courtney Wentzell 
African Nova Scotian Member, South Shore Regional School Board: 
Vernon Simms (Elected by Acclamation) 
Member of Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial (CSAP) 
Hank Middleton   (Elected by Acclamation)  


* The North Queens Fire Hall 
* West Queens Recreation Centre Port Mouton 
* Milton Community Hall 

* Greenfield Fire Department 
* Mill Village Fire Department 
* Liverpool Legion
Voting for the advance poll is from noon-8pm. 

Saturday  October 20, 2012 from 8am – 7pm. 


Friday, 14 September 2012

Titanic Remembered

The Queens County Museum is exhibiting “Titanic Remembered”. This exhibit opened to the public on the 100th anniversary of her sinking, April 15.  Liverpool had a small connection with the sinking of the Titanic. Two little Syrian boys, the Yarred brothers, survived and were brought here to Liverpool to stay with the Garratt family until they could be reunited with their family in Florida.  On display are three hankies, authentic Titanic artifacts. Three hankies were scooped out of the water by a crewmember of the MacKay Bennett when she was sent out to the scene to retrieve the bodies. He brought the hankies home to his wife who washed and pressed them, then placed them in the family bible. 
Come on in and see them and get the rest of the story . The exhibit will be in place from April 15yh  to the end of September. There is no admission fee to come in and view it.
109 Main Street
Liverpool NS
While you're there take in the other exhibits:
  • Mi'kmaq display
  • Privateering exhibit
  • Banking exhibit
  • and so much more
Summer hours; June 1st to October 15th OPEN EVERY DAY
Winter hours; mid May to mid October OPEN Monday to Saturday - closed Sundays

See it all including:

Simeon Perkins' Diary
The diaries of Simeon Perkins, which begin in 1766 and end in 1812, are on permanent display at the Queens County Museum. These volumes provide a detailed record of daily life in the early years of the county.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Moon Takes Centre Stage


Wayne Mansfield and the  
Queens County Astronomy Group
will be in the
Privateer Park  (near the ship) 
Liverpool NS 
DATE: Monday September 12th 2012   
TIME: 8:00pm

Video link:  http://www.space.com/17421-moon-takes-center-stage-in-september-2012-skywatching-video.html

LIVERPOOL ... where the universe comes together
see you there

Friday, 7 September 2012

Ships Started Here - Liverpool NS

During the nineteenth century, Liverpool became a major seaport as the fishing and ship building industries grew. Logs were floated down the Mersey River for export as well as the wooden ship building - a thriving industry into the early 20th century, until the introduction of steel ship making.

Liverpool was seriously effected by this change in technology and virtually slipped into an economic slump.

Now today, although Liverpool is no longer a ship building port it's deep sea port, although small, has an enormous shipyard on its shore - on Corvette Street - and a long forgotten history of shipbuilding. This street was named such due to the number of 'Corvette Ships' that were built here. A corvette is a small, maneuverable, lightly armed warship, usually smaller than a frigate (2000+ tons) yet smaller than a coastal patrol craft. Built during the Age of Sail they usually had a single gun deck that grew into much more as the length of the ship increased. The early role of the corvette was primarily of coastal patrol - protecting the shores, fighting minor wars and supporting large fleets.


YearShip NameBuilderOwnerDisposition
1903HelpGardner G.H.N.Cargo shipunknown
1917BiancaGardner G.H.N.Bowring Bros LtdFoundered 1919
1912AssociateGardner G.H.N.Cargo shipunknown
1927Standard CoasterGardner G.H.N.Cargo shipunknown
1929Ada M.Gardner G.H.N.Cargo shipunknown
1911VanindaHendryCargo shipunknown
1915Gilbert IslandsHendry A.W.A W HendryWrecked 1919
1911Grand MananMulhall DCGrand Manan StmboatScrapped 1930
1918Ruby W.Nova Scotia SBW.B. GrieveFoundered 1921
1918James G RoyNova Scotia SBJob Bros & Counknown
1920Ocean MaidNova Scotia SBCargo shipDeleted 1961
1965Mersey SeafoodsSteel & Englne ProdsFishing vesselActive

WWI ships not mentioned above, built in Liverpool and part of the Emergency Ship Building  for the first World War:
In 1914 the 280 tonnes salvage vessel "Deliverance" was built in Liverpool. Following that, in 1918 was the construction of the cargo ship "War Halifax" 2,335 tonnes which was built for the company hipping Controller. It was burnt off Cardiff in 1919 and hulked.

in Liverpool, NS

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rossignol Cultural Centre - SONG AND STORY HOUR


Thursday 13th September 2012
Children's story & song by Judi Cleveland
Two sittings: 3pm and 4pm
Children ages 4 to ages 8 - adults welcome
Entrance fee - $8.00 per child, accompanying adults no charge
Judi Cleveland started writing poetry, at a young age. It was much later in life when she bought her first guitar and very soon she began putting music to her poetry. Now she has combined her two talents into music and song. Take this opportunity to meet Judi.

ROSSIGNOL Cultural Centre
205 Church Street
Liverpool NS
Contact Linda Jackson for advanced tickets
902 354- 3067

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Liverpool's Hospital Hustle


SEPTEMBER 15th, 2012
Liverpool Curling Club
Starts at 10:00am

It may be a good idea to get there early if previous years are an example of what you may experience this September 2012. Check out the link:

Take in this annual event that has been running since the 70s. If you have anything to offer - or want to help out on this busy day - call Star Donovan 354-2078 or Gary Levy 354-5530. Happy shopping and thanks for supporting the Hospital Hustle.

Come one, come all. Stay a day, stay a week or stay a

ROSSIGNOL Cultural Centre - New Director, new ideas

Rossignol Cultural Centre has opened its door to tourists and locals alike for years. Recently with its new Director, Linda Jackson, the centre has taken on new life, by putting together a line-up of entertainment and experiences for all ages. No longer is it just a museum. Now it is a place for artists to display their art, a place for performers to entertain, a place to celebrate a special event in elegance and style and a place to bring the family.
It is now a Cultural Centre.
Linda Jackson - Director 
Objective: to share this hidden gem (Rossignol Centre) with the world.

Rossignol Cultural Centre  
205 Church Street 
Liverpool, NS

Book your event, celebration or performance through Linda Jackson. 
Visit the website: