UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!

UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Monday, 28 March 2011

Just Do It!!

Once upon a time there was a woman, dreaming about where she would like to live when she retired. In 2006, her dream became a reality.
My journey began on the  Iles-de-la-Madeleine, onto PEI and to a stop at a  friend's home in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. After seeing Nova Scotia's beauty, the lifestyle and most importantly the OCEAN, we talked about my dream.  In but a moment we looked at each other and said "why wait 'til retirement, why not do it now"?  That is when the wheels started turning. Having to consider the fact that my Mother lived with me, in Ottawa, was a huge concern. After leaving my friend's house, I drove the Lighthouse Route to Yarmouth to embark on the 'Cat', then to ferry across to Bar Harbour for the last leg of my trip.  Along that route was Liverpool, a beautiful seaside town, with many quaint homes and a strong feeling of community. One house in particular caught my eye. Time being a factor I was not able to get in to look at the home but I trusted my friend to visit it, check it out and to see if it was "the one". Would Mother even consider moving to Nova Scotia?  I booked a flight for the next long weekend, arranged a job interview in a town nearby to Liverpool and before you knew it I was standing on the doorstep, with the realtor, to see the property. It was picture perfect. Everything that I had ever dreamed about! The price was right ..... much less than that of Ottawa prices, the location perfect, it was a real gem.
Do you get the picture? Need I say more? Everything fell into place, Mom was quick to ride the wave and at the age of 87 years young she enjoyed her first plane ride, to also make the move to Nova Scotia. 
I am now living my dream. I can walk on the beach when ever I want, smell that salt air and enjoy awesome winters that are not nearly as cold as Ottawa's; with virtually no snow, and enjoy the quality of life that only a small community can provide. I haven't looked back. It is the best decision that I've ever made! 
So, my dream for you is to start living your dreams now; don't wait .....................just do it!