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UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Simeon Perkins House - 1766

Simeon Perkins (February 24, 1735 – May 9, 1812) came to Liverpool NS in May of 1762 from Norwich, Connecticut as part of the New England Planter migration.  Perkins immediately began trading in fish and lumber, building ties with New England, Europe , Newfoundland and the West Indies. His diary, which he began in 1766, describes relentless American privateer attacks on shipping and an attempted American looting of Liverpool. Perkins led the outfitting of privateer ships against the Americans. Perkins privateering involvement, granted by the crown, was during the Napoleonic Wars. Simeon Perkins' diary was bequeathed to the town of Liverpool in 1896 and is now in the possession of Queens County Historical Society, as of 1932, where it remains in their possession and on permanent display in the Queens County Museum.

Perkins diary as “a mine of information for the study of economic, political, and social institutions, shedding light not only on the life of a community but also on a region occupying a significant place in the North Atlantic triangular trade and an important position in the evolution of the second British Empire.”

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