UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!

UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Monday, 16 May 2011

Geocaching Liverpool Nova Scotia

Geocaching is one of the most popular and fastest growing recreational activities around the world. Geocaching combines hiking or walking, treasure-hunting and the use of a GPS (Global Positioning System) device. The idea is to find a treasure or "cache" placed in a specific location using only GPS co-ordinates. Cache locations are shared by hundreds of groups and individuals via the internet around the world. 
 Nova Scotia is the perfect place to test your geocaching skills. There are miles of rugged coastline, hiking trails, sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages, picturesque historic towns, significant geographic landmarks and an entire population of friendly people to assist you along the way. One can only imagine the possibilities!
There are various acronyms and words commonly used when discussing geocaching and a special formula is needed to decrypt clues. Liverpool, alone, has 42 cache locations including one at the Simeon Perkins Museum. But don't stop searching in Liverpool only as there are thousands of geocaching locations in Nova Scotia. If you don’t have a GPS unit the Region Of Queens Recreation Department lends them out for free. They can be contacted at 354-5741.
Enjoy the search
Liverpool is abound with treasures in every form