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UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Friday, 16 September 2011

Queens Archers and Hollow Log Shooting Range

Civic # 5902, Highway #3
 White Point, Nova Scotia
(watch for Queens Archers
sign on the right)

Archery is the art, practice, or skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow, from "arcus" (Latin). Archery has historically been used for hunting and combat; in modern times, however, its main use is that of a recreational activity. One who practises archery is typically known as an "archer" or "bowman", and one who is fond of or an expert at archery can be referred to as a "toxophilite".Queens Archers Association was established in 1981 with enthusiasts taking up bow hunting and target archery. The club is open year around and offer a variety of ranges and courses. Competitions are held throughout the year including meets with the Bridgewater's  "Pinegrove Archers Club". The annual meetings are held in January and open for memberships.  Queens Archers - Meet every Thursday evening - 7:00 pm at West Queens Recreation Hall, Port Mouton. Only $4 for non-members and $3 for members. Under 16 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian. For more information call Phil Dagley at 354-5607

Archery basics - You Tube:  http://youtu.be/5x3aj1X0SCs


Hollow Log Rifle &
Pistol Association
White Point Rd

A shooting range or firing range is a specialized facility designed for firearms practice. Civilian Targets are usually made of paper or a plastic coreflute, sometimes with a canvass or hessian back on the larger long range types. Most competitive targets are a solid black circle on a white background. The black circle may have scoring rings. Targets of other shapes may be used such as used in pistol (hand gun) target shootingThe butts/backstop is the area behind the target into which the shot safely falls.
   Atlantic Provinces Hunter Education:

Hunts Pt. -
Queens County
Hollow Log Rifle and Pistol Assoc,Peter Whynot
Ken Minard

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Outdoor shooting ranges sometimes have wind flags, positioned between the firing line (where the shooters are) and the targets. Shooters observe these flags to make an estimate of wind speed, which is then converted into lateral minute of angle point of aim corrections or, alternatively, windage holdoff corrections.