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UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Friday, 27 January 2012

Beautiful Wintery Liverpool

Although Liverpool seems to be situated in the "banana belt" of the Maritime provinces some winter does come but once a year. Most winters offer little snow and the average temperatures are slightly below zero; most days are sunny with clear blue skies (after the winter fog has drifted back to sea). However the winter season's activities, for those winter weather enthusiasts, can be found just a short drive away.

Here are just a few attractions for those winter weather enthusiasts:
  • While summer surf is pleasantly safe here in Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Ocean is at its zenith during the winter. Tropical storms and hurricane winds batter the rugged coastline from August to November and provide the best surfing conditions.
  • Here in Nova Scotia, the white of snow and bareness of the trees makes for spectacular and striking winter photography.
  • Since the first Asians trekked across the Bering Strait into North America, snowshoes have been by far the most effective way to travel the snow by foot. And since it takes less than 20 minutes to learn, it is the ideal physical activity for young and old alike
  • Our trails are plentiful and offer every type of glorious vista from woods to water. The Snow Mobile Association of Nova Scotia has tracked out trails from the southwestern tip of the province all the way to Cape Breton.
  • Ski Wentworth has seventeen alpine trails and four snowtubing trails. Ski Wentworth is in the WentworthValley, about an eighty minute drive from Halifax on Highway #4.
  • People from around the world have come to Kejimkujik National Park--in the summer, that is. But the winter provides a much more fascinating view. Keji is such a striking area that to avoid camping there in the winter just because of cooler temperatures, is almost a crime.  The wildlife is more at ease, and more easily seen, you can skate on the lakes, hike through the trails, or photograph the spectacular scenery. And there is a peacefulness in the air that simply cannot be felt during the peak of summer season.
  • Ski Martock. A resort that knows how to use snow to its best advantage, it even offers annual dog sled racing events and grounds for daily sledding for those non-competitive types.
  • The 'big' birds (Eagles) are particularly plentiful from January through to March each year and the people of Sheffield Mills, Kings County wants everyone to see them. Local residents have organized a truly unique event for the past decade,  "Sheffield Mills Eagle Watch", which runs annually for two weekends beginning on the last weekend in January.
  • Ice climbing (though a relatively new sport to Nova Scotia) is the next "peak" for all mountain climbing enthusiasts. A capable body and a spirit of adventure are all you need to go on an ice climbing tour with Luke Marshall of Belay* Fundy Waterfall Ice-Climbing, Hantsport.

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