UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!

UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Friday, 16 November 2012

Avon Calling

and my name is Anne Perry. I am an Avon Representative and a Unit Leader with a growing Avon team. My team has representatives that work for themselves, allowing everyone to make the money they deserve. As one of the largest manufacturers of beauty products, Avon is a household name. But we are so much more than just a beauty company. We are a fortune 500 company that sells over 1000 products in our catalogues. Avon is a company that gives YOU the opportunity to share with anyone and everyone the ability to have your own company. To be in business for yourself and just not by yourself.
What made me start selling Avon? I was very skeptical of joining a direct selling company, I thought it would be expensive, time consuming and a money pit where it would take all MY money... boy was I wrong.
I choose AVON based on a few criteria:
  •  $10 to start and I got everything I needed for 2 full campaigns
  •  no start up kit to purchase on top of the start up fee
  •  no inventory to buy, no seasonal items that I need to purchase
  • to keep up to date with stock
  •  and Avon pretty much sells itself so I would not have to spend so much time explaining what it is
  •  no min. order required ( if my order is 99 cents then so be it)
  •  no party's to host so my evenings and weekends are free to do with what I want and what I truly put into Avon is what I get out of it
  •  I can "treat" my customers to discounts and sales over and beyond that of the brochures just because I can.
  •  I get a discount on products I already use and like, now I get them cheaper
Before I signed on the dotted line I asked the rep. a bazillion questions and when I was satisfied I signed up - and what is great is I can back out at any time with no cost to me.

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