UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!

UPDATE April 14th 2016 - We have a new website promoting Liverpool!
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Monday, 11 July 2011

Quaint, Quiet and Wonderful

Being born and raised in Liverpool Nova Scotia on the South Shore, I know from whence I speak. I grew up swimming in the Mersey River as a child. Had and still have sand between my toes and salt water in my blood, from years of spending time on our many white sand beaches. Back in the day when I was younger, this town was bustling with shops and people. Over the years, because of declining work, a lot of our young people took to the highways, went west for bigger paying jobs and leaving these shores; but these shores never left them. In 1974 I moved to Lunenburg (World Heritage Site) and in 1978 opened what was at that time the only craft shop in Lunenburg. We bought a home and moved back to Queen’s County on the Medway River in 1985, small scale farming, raising children in a community where there was no need to lock your door. It is all here; swimming, fishing in the river, hiking in the woods, sitting and listening to the wildlife all around you, day in and day out. Twenty five years later we thought of down sizing and chose Liverpool - a little piece of heaven where one can experience all that one needs with beaches, golfing, hiking,  swimming, ocean, lakes and rivers.  In most cases, all are within walking distance. Theatre and culture are everywhere. Here one can be silent and alone or entertained with friendly people from near and far, where you can still buy a lobster or fish right from the fishing boats at the wharf; so fresh indeed. We chose a house in town on a main route and decided to open a small come by chance or appointment to my Art Gallery “Sea People Art”. Over the years we did many shows while traveling throughout New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and didn't want to stop creating in our retirement years. For as well as salt water art is also in our blood. There is no better place to find your passions whether it be art, theatre, music or just plain leisure; we have it all here. Unlike Lunenburg, Liverpool of Queen’s County is still a hidden gem and those who by-pass those main tourist towns and drive over our Mersey River bridge fall instantly in love with what they find - a quaint and quiet, yet active and inspiring little piece of one’s heaven. I am inspired every day to paint or write or ride my bike, winter and summer, recognizing all who I see and always receiving a friendly wave or hello from everyone. I must admit, if city life is what you want, then jump in the car and quick as a blink you will be there. I myself have not even been to Bridgewater in eight months; as I find that everything that I need is here. There are also wonderful old affordable buildings waiting for interesting people to open shops up in them. There is a lot going on as well as lovely, lazy, days just waiting to be absorbed. I have met the most wonderful people from all over the world, who have stopped in for a visit and are taken in by the surrounding beauty and sure enough they will return or stay in touch, with dreams,to return again someday. We have wonderful old Victorian houses at reasonable prices, perfect for B&Bs, grand historical beauty ready to be restored to their original grandeur. The talent in this town is amazing and I have always commented on that fact. Everyone here that I know is creative, maybe it has something to do with this wonderful relaxed life style. 

Above is a photo of our darling, circa 1902, home on Payzant Street built by shipbuilders with lumber from the ship yard; well built and sturdy as are all our fine interesting homes in and around the town. Also here is an example of my art. Come, visit our town, drop by and stay awhile or forever. You will never look back or regret your decision.

Written by Deb